Accidental Author.

Hello there, and thanks for visiting.images (96)

I was really stuck as to what I could blog about today, but then a very good friend, from way back in my life, when I was still in school in fact, and I had a massive crush on…(don’t tell anyone) sent me a mail, which I would like to share with you, and then take it from there.LOVE

“Thank you Paul.  Very impressed … where on earth does it all come from?   Were you good at story writing at school. How and where does one begin to write a book… to be able to foresee the story (like a movie in one’s head…) and be able to pen it and capture the thoughts, words … Clearly you were born to write… Wonderful that you have discovered your gifts!”

At school I enjoyed Drama, and I wanted to go into the entertainment industry, namely Radio, but my parents plus the student guidance teacher informed me that there was no future in Radio and the entertainment industry, so I changed course and decided that I wanted to study medicine…but two years of National Service was ahead of me, and by the time I had finished playing at soldier, life had got in the way, and I ended up in Air Traffic Control.FISHjpg

Now just where do the stories come from…don’t ask me, I really don’t know, but I do know that I have been very blessed with this ability to write, and right now I am enjoying the ride, as my publisher puts it.VHP logo left banner

It all started over a year ago, my wife challenged me to put a thought that I had down on paper, but also stated that I would not see it through.images8..well…my reaction to that cannot be printed, but I sat down in front of the Lap Top and started to type…it was as if a tap had been opened and the words just flowed…43000 words later, Blood Moon over Africa was born…and from there, Blood Spoor in the Dark, which lead me to Blood Demon-Revenge.3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5d

After that, there was no stopping…I slept, ate and dreamed writing…the ideas just flowed, and still do…if I am not writing, I do not know what to do with myself, and then I got really lucky, I sent in a query letter to Vanilla Heart Publishing…the rest is History … I was born to write…I have discovered my gift, I have been very blessed, and I would like to share it all with you.c (5)

For the links to my books, visit . You will never be the same again, and if you would like to view reviews on the books, visit me at…..Heck you are here already…oh well that’s it me for today.

Just so you all know, my number one fan is my lovely wife, she also proofreads, and edits everything that I do before any manuscript is submitted for perusal by the wonderful family of Vanilla Heart that I am proud to be a member of.

I hope you enjoy the books, take the plunge, and like one reader in France said to me…”I am hooked on your books. Keep me hooked.”  Thanks Philippe, I fully intend to.

Right, I am out of here. Time for a drink.images (61)


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