Dive In

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I could possible say on my blog…and then my crazy family came to my rescue…my brother Mark, and his lovely daughter Roxy, who runs her own dive school decided to go diving off ALIWAL SHOAL, South Africa, where there was a whale carcass being dined on by the great predators of the deep, and among the feeding sharks they had the awesome experience of diving with two Great White Sharks…now this was not a cage dive…it was a free dive and these two swam with the Great White. I would take my hat off to them, only problem is, I don’t wear a hat.

ROXY took great pictures of one of the predators.11885396_10206548631087933_8636614370960765235_n11138485_10206548632127959_2260637321173851000_n

They say I am the crazy one…

Now my question to you is this…would you rather swim in the sea…when you know what is there waiting in the deep, or take a walk under the Blood Moon, follow the Blood Spoor and come face to face with the Blood Demon?

All three books: Blood Moon over Africa, Blood Spoor in the Dark & Blood Demon-Revenge are available for your reading pleasure on all E reading Devices…including Nook, iPad, Kindle and More, all you have to do is take your courage in your hands, and visit www.vhpbooktours.com for all the links.3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5d

On the other hand, if you prefer to swim with a Great White, visit Roxy at


The choice is yours…take a dive into the deep, or walk in the dark.

Either way, you will be scared.  images (79)  


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