Rumor Has It

What is all the chatter about Dad?images (91)

Well son, rumor has it that there is a Blood Demon lose in Africa.

Wow Dad, must we be worried?

No son. Not as long as we stick together and keep a low profile.m

What’s he saying girls? Something about a Blood Demone

A Blood Demon…what is that?

You silly filly…if you bothered to download a copy from or you would fall into the informed group and be stripes ahead of the herd.

What they talking about, we seem to have a crossed line up here, but its sounds like a Blood Demon is in the area.j

Well if we all stick together…I mean strengths in numbers and all that…but I will admit to downloading Blood Demon – Revenge at and I have nothing to be ashamed off…it scared me, but at least I read the book.c (5)

Huh a book scared you…this I must read, if I go to  I can download it there?images (96)

What is he saying Mom?

He is going to get a copy of Blood Demon – (3)

Where Mom?

Well the best place to look would be at

Well in that case, let me prowl around a bit and get the links…no point in being the only one left out, I know that I am a solitary type, but we also like to read you know.images 3


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