Africa, a land of beauty…But

Walk under the Blood Moon…follow the Blood Spoor… come face to face with the Blood Demon.

Africa…a land of beauty,images (88)

 A land of superstition,

Ancient beliefs and cultures,images (80)

Where fear, means power.

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 Blood Moon Over Africa Sneak Peek Video

 Blood Spoor in the Dark Sneak Peek Video

Blood Demon: Revenge Sneak Peek Video

If you are looking for a bit more…

Blood Moon Over Africa  Free Preview

 Blood Spoor in the Dark Free Preview

 Blood Demon: Revenge Free Preview

Fact fused with fiction, ask yourself, is it really the workings of a vivid imagination, or is it real…read the books and you decide…that is…if you dare, but be warned, once you start, hold on for the ride, it is no laughing matter.images (76)


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