With Fear comes Power:Blood Demon

Firstly, let me say that the Blood Demon is a figment of my imagination, but the belief in witchcraft is strong and widespread in Africa. With Fear comes Power.images (69)

  1. Is witchcraft myth or reality? Do witches and Demons actually exist or are they imaginary entities?
  2. Traditionally, African people attribute anything they do not understand (or do not want to understand), any incident or occurrence they are unable to explain, to witchcraft.
  3. Due to this strong belief in things that go bump in the night, certain practices like ritual sacrifice, which involves the killing of animals and sometimes human beings and using their body parts to prepare some mixture, or perform a ceremony is still practised. This is done in the belief that the mixture or ceremony will placate or sway the imagined supernatural forces.
  4. In some cases Africans associate certain traits or behaviour like stubbornness, talking in your sleep, sleep walking, aging, albinism, and hallucination, with magical powers.
  5. It is also believed that the body parts from someone who has albinism carries more power and thus the spell to be used or the mixture is far stronger.
  6. This misconception is common among the so called African elite and is at the root of the problems associated with belief in witchcraft in Africa.
  7. Most Africans still hold onto this irrational belief and harmful practice. Millions of people continue to suffer and die as a result of witchcraft accusation and related injustices. Ritual killings or murders for body part medicine and for the use in witchcraft are still wide spread today.
  8. People can suspect anyone of engaging in witchcraft, it is mostly vulnerable members of the population who are openly accused, confronted and persecuted. In Malawi women with grey hairs and red eyes are branded witches. Old women, particularly those who are childless, are often accused of witchcraft in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. In Congo DRC, Nigeria, Angola, Central Africa Republic, children are branded witches and wizards.
  9. Witchcraft accusation is a social poison, it is a silent killer in Africa, and is the beginning of a process that leads to torture, persecution, maltreatment and, sometimes, death of the accused. See 10 as an example.
  10. In 2004 a Nigerian killing of 27 men and women took place due to the belief they were witches and warlocks. They were forced to drink a mixture that was expected to detect witches. All of them died, leaving the superstition that witches do die of the mixed drink.

Throw all of the above into a mixing bowl, add my imagination, call up a demon from the bowels of hell, a politician bent on revenge and obtaining power, and all this equals the third book in The Blood Trilogy…BLOOD DEMON – REVENGE…set to take you on a roller coaster ride of tension, suspense, with just a touch of horror.goregalore-mantigma (1)

Now that all the above is out of the way, allow me to share this pre-review with you, submitted by a Goodreads Author…: Angel Ernst rated it 5 of 5 stars

One of the best follow ups to a series I have ever read. Revenge is high on the mind of the new culprit in this third book. And the revenge he brings forth on our heroes is a great and powerful Demon that knows the group all too well!! A perfect blend of traditional magic and new world ideas!!

And this is what a Beta reader had to say: PRE-RELEASE REVIEW 

“…I was selected as a Beta Reader and WOW!…”

reviewed by S. Dale 

I’d read the first two after release and loved them both, so when I contacted the publisher to ask if they needed Beta readers, I was very pleased to be invited to read Blood Demon: Revenge. WOW! Any time a writer can make me miss dinner because I am reading, that is a huge deal, and Paul Zunckel did just that! Each scene is one of those that makes a reader squirm and the tension is fantastic. Thank you!

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 I hope the above has caught your attention…if not…then not to worry…I will just send something around to go bump in the dark hours. Oh and sleep tight…sweet dreams.images (80)


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