Time To Roar

The time comes in everybody’s life when you have no option but to bare your teeth to get a point across.images (49)

I mean, just what is the point in sitting around, looking like the big strong silent typeimages (93)

Or for that matter, hanging around and doing nothing.images (34)

Africa is a place of natural beauty, but beneath that beauty lies superstition, fear, witchcraft, demons and ghosts from the past, covered up in the thin veil of Western Civilization…scratch the surface and you will be surprised at what you dig up…but be careful…don’t dig to deeply…you might not like what you unearth.images (88)

Visit www.vhpbooktour.com and get set for a roller coaster ride into the dark of Africa. Walk under the Blood Moon over Africa (Book One of Blood Trilogy) and get set to come face to face with a creature born of superstition and a curse. Nothing will prepare you for what you see in the moonlight.KindleCover Reveal 2

Take a trip into the darkness of the Congo, where fear means power, and superstition rules the night…fact fused with fiction brings the secret sect of The Leopard Men alive onto the pages of Blood Spoor in the Dark (Book Two of Blood Trilogy). The evil that men do in order to command others and bend them to their will, no one is safe from the claws of death.BSinD ereader w handsfree

Do not say that you have not been warned…and if you have an addictive nature…beware as these books will grab you by the throat, and leave you wanting more.

Don’t fight about it…there is plenty to go around and more to come.article-1279388-09A22EE3000005DC-433_634x400VHP logo left banner


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