Lets get Serious.

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Blog, Today I decided to be serious, and give you a bit of background behind Book One and Two of The Blood Trilogy. Africa is full of mystery, ancient beliefs, superstitions and witchcraft. Many of these beliefs are still with us today, and you only have to lift up the thin veil of Western Civilization to find that many of the people of Africa still hold on to these beliefs and ancient rituals. Africa in general is steeped in Superstition, and Supernatural beliefs.  The local people both in the rural and urban areas of Africa have a very deep rooted belief in witchcraft, and even a common cold can be attributed to a spell being cast on them.

When I started to write Blood Moon over Africa, and dug deeper into the culture of the people of Africa, I was amazed to uncover the following.

  • The Hyena is to the African, what the Black cat is to Europe. The wide spread belief is that the Hyena is used by the witchdoctor to ride to meetings deep in the bush.
  • The Wambugwe of Tanzania believes that every witchdoctor possesses one or more Hyena that is branded with his mark, and referred to them as his “night cattle.”
  • A common belief around the Hyena is that the animal gives birth in the witchdoctors hut, and the owner milks them once a day.
  • There are no free Hyena…The belief is that all Hyena are owned by witchdoctors.
  • In BMOA I took the cultural belief in the witchdoctor/hyena working hand in hand, and joined the two in order to create my creature. I also used the Superstition of the full moon to act as the trigger; the rest was just the work of my imagination.

When I started Blood Spoor in the Dark, I decided to take facts and fuse them with fiction to bring you a roller coaster ride, not only to entertain you, the reader, but to also show you how deep these superstitions and beliefs run in our so called Western Civilization.

There have been a few of these secret sects over the years; all of them have involved murder of the innocent, gaining power over others for their own gain…in the end they all believed the same thing…they were untouchable due to the so called magic created by the witch-doctor, and that with fear, comes power.

Two other secret sects that come to mind were the Lion Men sect and Crocodile Sect, made up of thugs used to spread terror among the local people, and extort money for their own gain, but they never had the impact that the Leopard Men sect had.

Below are a few facts regarding the Leopard Men Cult.

The first really serious outbreak of leopard cult murders in Sierra Leone and Nigeria occurred shortly after World War 1 between 1914 -1918.

The Leopard Men were supposedly suppressed by the white administrators at the time as many members were captured and executed, but in fact the cults went underground and continued to perform ritual murders over the next two decades.

In 1946, the Leopard Men cult became bold and a total of 48 murders and attempted murders were attributed to the cult in that year alone.

Much like the Mau-Mau in Kenya, the Leopard Men began directing their attacks against white men in an attempt to convince the local population that the cult had no fear of the police or the white rulers at the time.

In 1947, there were 43 know ritual killings performed by the leopard cult.

If this has captured your attention, here is the link where you can download

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Watch the videos…get the feel of Africa @  Blood Spoor in the Dark Sneak Peek Video……and….Blood Moon Over Africa Sneak Peek Video  

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Thank you for your visit…sleep tight, after all…it is only my imagination when things go bump in the night.

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