Just Perrrrrfect…The Cats out of the Bag.

Following Book One of The Blood Trilogy


Blood Spoor in the Dark

Book 2 of The Blood Trilogy                               BSinD ereader w hands

by Paul Zunckel



Modern  Africa… ancient beliefs. With fear, comes power. Travel deep into the Congo Basin with Piet van Zyl, safari hunter, and Veronica Strydom, African culture expert, as they are drawn deeper into the web of superstitions and fear.

Come face to face with The Secret Sect that has emerged from the dark past and now walks the night.

Experience the superstitions, rituals, and witchcraft of the killers known as The Leopard Men, as history repeats itself in an orgy of ritual murders and blood lust.


 “…superstition and the suspense it creates grips you as a reader…”

reviewed by Sub01

A very well written follow up to his Blood Moon [Over Africa]. The characters in the novel are believable and I found them growing on me. The story is fast paced with twists and turns. The use of superstition and the suspense it creates grips you as a reader and makes it a very worthwhile read. All the best to the author.

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 Blood Spoor in the Dark Free Preview

 Blood Spoor in the Dark Sneak Peek Video             So don’t lie around, branch out and get a copy                                         ima

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