Exciting Times

Wow, I just want to share with with you that this time in my life is really exciting.  So much has happened in such a sort space of time, I feel like I am running on air, but I must stress that I am enjoying the journey that Vanilla Heart Publishing is taking me on, to sum it up in one word…AWESOME.

I received copies of the covers for my books and they blew me away…each and everyone one is SUPER, and may I say, they really look damn good…Thank you VHP…You are making a dream come true.

For those of you who would like a free preview of my debut, Blood Moon over Africa, just to get a small taste of what is to come, here is the link just for you…For a FREE 8 Chapter Preview  plus while you are about it, go along to Blood Moon Over Africa Sneak Peek Video and leave a comment, I would love to have your feedback.

Africa is a land of mystery, superstition, witchcraft but also a land of great beauty, so I will leave you with this…sunset over the African bush.images (19)


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